About Us

Shenzhen Gmax Technology Co.,ltd is a professional hoverboard and other electric scooter manufacturer since 2016.

Thanks to our two years’ experience in hoverboard and electronic industry, we are able to supply competitive price hands-free UL2272 hover boards, one wheel electric unicycles, two wheels self balancing scooters, mini Segway scooters, electric kick scooters, electric skateboards, folding electric bikes, kids scooters and good quality hoverboard parts.

Why we don’t say cheap price ?Because quality is our prime consideration.

Good quality hoverboard,electric scooter and hover board parts usually will not be the cheapest in the market.What we can do is through large-scale procurement and large-scale production to improve its competitiveness.

Thanks to our past experience of cooperating with Carrefour and other big customers, we know the regulations and requirements for hoverboards and other electric scooters in many countries and we make sure they are GS and UL2272 approved. we can provide the most suitable hoverboard and electric scooter solution for your needs.

Our factory have adopted the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and all of our products have got CE, FCC, UL, TUV and other international certificates. We make sure full inspection of each product before delivering.

Our Product Line Covering Below

  • Genuine CE  and ULcertificate approved electric unicycle, hoverboard ( self balance scooter ), electric kick scooter, mini Segway scooter, folding electric bicycle, electric skateboard
  • Parts for electric unicycle balance scooter including cover,battery pack,motor,mainboard, adapter etc
  • Parts for hoverboard, electric kick scooter, folding electric bicycle, electric skateboard
  • Accessories for electric unicycle , hoverobard,mini segwayscooter,electric kick scooter,electric skateboard,folding electric bicycle,hoverboard go kart ( hoverseat ),helmet,knee and elbow protection pads,hoverboard protective cover,carry bag etc.
  • CKD electric unicycle, CKD hoverboard,CKD electric kcik scooter,CKD electric skateboard, CKD folding electric bicycle,CKD mini segway ( CKD is short for complete knock down ).

Some Of Our Clients