30 Apr 2017

2017 ultimate hoverboard disassemble guide video

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Hoverboard was very popular since 2014 , as China hoverboard manufacturers has bring down the total production cost and marketing price. Eventually, hoverboard quality are good or bad, once you have a bad quality hoverboard, or your hoverboard has been used for a long while, some problems may accrued. Do you need to bring your hoverboard to hoverboard  reseller or shop immediately ? The answer is no, actually, most hoverboard problem you can fix by your self easily.

If you feel your hoverboard not sensitive any more, just power off your hoverboard,make sure the hoverboard pad in a horizontal level, simple press the power button for 10 seconds, then you will see the hoverboard LED indicator flashing for several times, which means your hoverboard sensitive problem has been fixed. Turn on your hoverboard, you will find it work very well again.

If your hoverboard can’t power on , simply follow below ultimate hoverboard disassemble guide video, check if any wires loosen or disconnected, or maybe some parts broken, you can repair it yourself. That’s would be awesome and save a lot bucks.


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