03 Feb 2017

4 tips to identify original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter

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Recently, with the popularity of Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter,there are fakes ones enter into market, bought these fake scooters may lead to loss of property or personal injury. These fake Xiaomi 9 mini segway and the original ones are so similar that it is very hard for new consumers to identify them.

how to identify original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter

Do not worry! After you reading this article,you can easily identify an original xiaomi mini segway scooter.

1. identification by labels

Original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter has warning label above the knee control rod;besides the warning label,there are QR codes for  App download and safe driving video on both sides. At the bottom of the knee control rod,there is the knee control rod installation guide label,also a battery pack label is attached to the bottom of the scooter body.

identify original or fake Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter by labels

2. identification by wheels

Original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter has printed certification number and QR code inside the wheels,the word “Ninebot” was printed on the tires. The wheel deceleration pad is close to the hub,and the hub is also close to the tires, touch with your hands on these parts will not make it shaking.

Identify original or fake Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter by wheels

3. identification by foot pedal

Original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter pedal was printed with “Ninebot” words,open the new Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter you will find a matte translucent material warning film on the foot pedal.

identify original or fake Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter by pedals and charging port

4.Identification by charging port

Charging port is located at the bottom of the display panel, open the original Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter charging port fender,you will find that the charging port was covered with a dust and water proof rubber cap. Open the rubber cap will see the four-core aviation charging plug.

Besides, before you use the Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter, the user needs to download Ninebot App and activate by Bluetooth connection, any Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter do not need to activate for official use are likely to be fake ones, we can also identify by this point.

Remarks: this article origins from http://segwaycol.com/how-to-identify-a-real-xiaomi-9-segway-scooter/ .


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