01 Feb 2017

5 Safety tips for hoverboard newbie

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I am glad you have had a hoverboard or going to purchase your hoverboard, and it it my honor to share hoverboard safety riding tips with you.

1.Covering insurance for your hoverboard

Although hoverboard are cheaper and more safer than cars, covering insurance for your should be beneficial and neccessary. Injuries can happen, and it is entirely possible that your hoverboard could engage in an accident that leads to damage to property and human boday,so the first thing before you riding the hoverboard or present it to your kids as a gift is to cover an insurance for the hoverboard. Most insurance company don’t like to cover insurance for hoverboard,but per our experience, you can buy an insurance for UL2272 approved hoverboard in North America, and insurance company in Europe will underwrite insurance for GS approved or CE certified hoverboard (certified by TUV and SGS lab ).Fortunely,all our hoverboard meet these standards,so you can ask your current insurance provider to provide insurance for your hoverboard directly,usually its cost will be only several percentage of car insurance.

2.Put on safety protection equipment before riding

Despite it is usually seen as inconvenience, putting on protective safety equipment will help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Helmet is neccessary parts either you are try to learing how to ride it or you are already a hoverboard master.We also recommend you to put on knee and elbow pads.Also it is illegal to ride your electric vehicle without safety protection equipment,of course,hoverboard is an electric vehicle.

3.Don’t break the law

Strict laws haven’t been issued by for hoverboard.But two regulations we have already know is:
A. Don’t ride the hoverboard on the highway !
B. Don’t ride the hoverboard on the roadway !
Please consult your local department of motor vehicles office and discover what your city or state’s current rules are. Knowing the local laws and regulations can help you in a safe position in any situation.

4.Maker sure your hoverboard battery is fully charged before riding

Based on different hoverboard model you bought, hoverboard can travel between 12 and 20 kms after full charge. Before you decide to hit the roads, make sure to figure out where you’re going. Understand how far your destination is, and when it’s beyond 12-20 kms please consider where and how you can recharge.This can reduce the risk of break down in the road.

5.Several other simple tips

No one want to take hours to read the user manual or listening to other’s instructions,so we have shorten some other safety tips as below:
A). Avoid to ride in rainy and snowy weather,don’t soak the hoverboard into water or sump
B). Always store the hoverboard in an appropriate cool and dry place
C). Don’t consistently overcharge your hoverboard

By following above tips, you will be on the right path to professional hoverboard rider status. Wish you enjoy the freedom of brand new hands free two wheels hoverboard with your friends.


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