01 Feb 2017

6 jobs definitely need a mini segway scooter

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Recently, self balancing electric scooter has been very popular,among the most popular self balancing electric scooters are mini segway scooters. Apart from use for fun, mini segway scooters are utilized as daily commuting vehicles at work.Mini segway has several advantages such as avoid of city traffic jam, parking,saving fuel cost and maintenance cost etc.

With the rapid development of new self balancing electric scooter products and technology, as well as fierce market competition,mini segway scooter price are lowering down to 300-500USD,depending on different market situation and different models.So they are possible to be use widely in our daily life and work .Their cheap price, emission free, portability, and small size makes they are ideal transportation vehicles for many jobs that operate outdoors and indoors.

In our minds,mini segway scooter will be helpful for several jobs as below:

1. Door to door Salesman

Door to door salesman such as insurance assistant working whole day switch from one house to another promoting various products or service. They work in rainy or hot sunshine days and frequently cover miles each day by walking.

The total amount of walking needed be exhausting and really hard for people with arthritis or foot ailment.Mini segway scooter offer those women and men a easy and portable vehicle to maintain their feet.Mini segway scooters offered by www.hoverboardandparts.com with a driving mileage of 20-25 kms after fully charged which is more much longer than their indeed requirements.

2. Courier Workers

Courier worker is one of the hardest working individual on the planet. Whether it is hot summer or freezing winter, they need to deliver letters and packages .

Well,you may say that many courier workers are now driving a car either belongs to him or the courier company to deliver.But when deliver to CBD,the destination may still 500 meters far away from the garage.Also there are still many narrow streets that a truck can’t pass through in developing countries.

With mini segway, courier workers can complete their delivering much easily and effectively.

3. Policemen / Security

It’s common to see a policeman or security officer patrolling their route either by walking, bicycle, or Segway.

Segway scooter are about 4-6 times more expensive than mini segway,and its big size make it is not flexible to move and not easy for portability.Mini segway scooter is the right replacement solution for it.It can save a lot of money from taxpayer and ensure effective working.

4.Tour Guider

Much like policeman,many of tour guider favorite mini segway scooter as their working tool.Especially when the guider need to serve for different traveler,it is really helpful.Sometimes,it can be lend to traveler who don’t want to walk any more,so the entire traveling schedule won’t be postponed.

5.Warehouse Workers

Storage warehouse is becoming bigger and bigger,especially for those digital shopper . Typically, warehouse workers picking or sorting of goods either by walking or by golf cart.

Golf carts are very expensive and big in size. Switching of walking or gold cart to mini segway scooter,warehouse will save a lot of equipment cost as well as labor cost, and the warehouse worker will feel more comfortable at work.

6.Golf Caddy

Golf caddies spend their working hrs strolling from hole to hole on the lawn, carrying a bag of golf equipment. While sometimes they’re fortunate enough to catch a ride on a golf cart, many times they have to walk.

Mini segway scooter provide a caddy the ability to move from one place to another quicker than by walking,so he can better server the customer.

Only a few of those jobs are presently adopting mini segway scooter, but their will be more and more companies adopting mini segway scooter as their working vehicle.What other jobs need mini segway scooter do you think ? I would expect your ideas in below comments section.


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