30 Apr 2017

Electric kick scooter general knowledge

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First, electric kick scooter advantages
Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s, evolved by sea surfing. Relative to the geographical and climate constraints of the surfing movement, skateboarding movement has a greater degree of freedom, not rigidly adhere to the fixed form, skateboarders can play freely imagination, in the process of creating inspiration during the skateboarding process. Riding an electric kick scooter, rotation or beating in the square, park, road , so that electric skateboarding became a fashion leisure sports combining entertainment and healthy.

Riding electric kick scooter can enhance heart and lung function, strengthen the back muscles and arm strength, stretching the leg ligaments, promote bone development, improve balance reactivity and sensitivity coordination.

Second, common sense before driving electric kick scooter
2.1 Electric skateboard must use the original replacement parts, or prone to danger. 
2.2 Before riding, user should adjust the height of the electric skateboard to fit their height. 
2.3 Select the electric kick scooter with better braking performance and be familiar with the brake position. 
2.4 Timing to refill bearing oil, to reduce the sliding resistance.
2.5 Beginners should riding on the road with smaller slope, gradually deepen the difficulty. 
2.6 Do not riding electric kick scooter on a wet or too bumpy road.

Third,electric kick scooter riding equipment

3.1 Helmet: the head is the most important organ of people, so in the process of riding, protection of the head is very important. A quality assurance helmet allows you to avoid significant harm. 
3.2 Gloves: electric kick scooter glove various in styles and sizes, there are a lot of people use motorcycle gloves or gardening gloves instead. Electric kick scooter gloves do not have a fixed standard, just select anti-slip gloves fit for your own hand size.
3.3 Knee and wrist pads:The knee and wrist pads are the best companions, and they can protect your knuckle from hurt during the ride. Especially the light weighted plastic knee pads are worth recommending. 
3.4 Shoes: under normal circumstances, most sports shoes are suitable for skateboarding, try not to wear slippers or high heels shoes riding electric kick scooter.


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