17 Apr 2017

Electric skateboard can experience skiing even in the street

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Ski enthusiasts are very obsessed with skiing, but as skiing has high requirements for the venue, so every time you have to go to a special ski resort to experience, if in the crowded city rider can experience the same feeling of skiing,then it would be so excited.

Leiftech has recently issue it “LEIF” esnowboard which is designed to simulate the general feeling of flying from the top of the hill in the snow by mechanical adjustment, although you only push forward in the ordinary city streets, but through ridier’s own body swing or twist movement along with the skateboard moving, even if there is no real snow rider can also simulate the same feeling of skiing.

It is actually an electric skateboard with 6 wheels, with two caster wheels at the bottom, and a lightweight 2000W brushless motor, powered by motor, and the two caster wheels provide 360 degree steering.

“LEIF” can provide users with a maximum speed of 20km/h. It is equipped with 3.6V rechargable lithium battery, driving mileage up to 12 km after full charge, the battery can be fully charged within one hour. What more, the battery can be disassembled, so you can take it charging everywhere you want.

Its throttle is controlled by a wireless remote control, through the remote control in the hands rider can also wireless remote control the motor when there is nobody on it, so it can used as a remote control vehicle.
Currently in the official website http://www.leiftech.com/ you can get it,with 16 km and 24 km driving mileage versions,the price of each is 1649USD and 1729USD, definitely not cheap. But skiing lovers maybe very happy.


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