01 Feb 2017

Factors to consider before purchase a hoverboard

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Technology is developing rapidly, and now going to work has a lot of choices. Hoverboard (same as balance scooter ) is a good choice among those practical and portable transportation vehicles . Imagining go to working with such a hoverboard under your foot, how cool can it be! It’s much faster than walking. Working placing still some distance from the subway station ? It doesn’t matter, because hoverboard makes you faster and easier to get there!

1. Do you really need a hoverboard and is it worth to buy ?

1.1. Consider from its practicality and value

As a new type of consumer electronic products, hoverboard combined with a lot of high technology, including dynamic balance system, advanced transmission system etc. These technologies ensure you will not fall down moving forward and backward during riding. Excellent transmission system helps to drive a person’s weight forward fast with little volume. These technologies alone are worth buying with market price of hoverboard around USD199. In terms of practicality, the balance hoverboard can indeed improve your life, after two hours’ full charging, you can drive the hoverboard around 15 km,it is totally carbon emission free and environmentally friendly,you don’t need too much cost, unlike motorcycles need to refuel. At least it allows you to work without so tired.

1.2. Consider from personal needs

Currently many people working in remote cities, most of them don’t living in the city center, after they get off from subway or bus,there is still some distance. If you need to walk for while go to and off work, then buy a balance hoverboard is indeed necessary. It can help you to shorten the time and reduce fatigue. Especially when the weather is hot, with it, you do not have to go and sweating all the way. If you do not have above consideration, then purchasing a balance scooter is indeed not neccessary for you.

2. Hoverboard ( balance scooter ) types:

2.1. One wheel hoverboard

One wheel hoverboard with a small size and can be portable anywhere.Its size similar to a briefcase,you can easily take it to work after folding the pedal to the hoverboard cover. But the disadvantage is obvious, its balance ability is not as good as two wheels hoverboard.However,the one wheel hoverboard has a special advantage for its high playability, an experienced rider can play a lot of tricks with the one wheel hoverboard,and actually one wheel hoverboard speed is faster a lot then two wheels hoverboard.

2.2. Two wheels hoverboard

Two wheel hoverboard with advantages of portable, beautiful, light,easy to use etc. Even if you have never been in contact with such products before, you can learn to drive within 10 minutes. Compared to the one wheel hoverboard, common 6.5 inch two wheels hoverboard requires better road situation,you need to ride slowly and carefully in paved road or countryside road. However, there are 10 inc big tire two wheels hoverboard or newly come out 9 (8.5) inch SUV hoverboard to improve this situation.Whether it is a 6.5 inch two wheels hoverboard or 9 / 10 inch SUV hoverboard, its maximum speed is around 12-15KM/hour, this is quite slower than one wheel hoverboard.Rider faster than this speed,you have a possibility to fall down.Generally speaking, two wheels hoverboard is more and more popular than one wheel hoverboard.

3. Pay attention to below factors when purchasing a hoverboard

3.1.Hoverboard combined with high technology,small factory do not have good technical solutions and their hoverboard may made with bad quality parts,so users’ security can’t be ensured. So we suggest you to purchase brand name hoverboard only.
3.2.Pay attention to below technical parameters:
A). Hoverboard waterproof level, outdoor travel vehicles are more likely to encounter road surface water or rainy days, waterproof level is very important, because it will determine whether you can user or not in some scenarios;
B). Hoverboard driving mileage, select suitable hoverboard according to your travel distance;
C). Hoverboard maximum speed, different model speed is not the same. Speed ​​may be important for some people who want to save time.
D). Hoverboard charging time, some hoverboard needs a long time to charge,please pay attention when purchasing.
E). Hoverboard certification,currently UL2272 hoverboard is the strictest quality standard for hoverboard,UL2272 approved hoverboard usually most expensive for a same appearance hoverboard. GS standard is second strictest quality standard for hoverboard,it is less expensive than UL2272 hoverboard. When you see a hoverboard with CE certificate, please attention to its certificate issuing lab, if it is TUV/SGS certified, then it it trustable. If not, you should consider about it.
3.3. After sale sales. After sale service and warranty is very important buying any other commodity,hoverboard after sale service directly affects your experience during use, please get clear answer about it.


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