05 Feb 2017

Good quality charger is important for hoverboard

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Hoverboard and other electric scooters fire events have been frequently heard recently. The world’s sensational hoverboard fire events occurred in 2015,has been pushing “made in China” onto the cusp. If the hoverboard charging at home catch fire, catch fire or explode while riding,it would be a disaster.

Why hoverboard catch fire or explode ?

Firstly may because of battery formula which determines the battery material safety level.Explosion temperature of good formula battery may within 1000 Celsius degree,but bad formula battery explosion temperature may reach to several thousands Celsius degree.Obviously,battery with bad formula can leads to bigger damage to human and property.

Secondly,battery with insufficient rate.If the battery rate is insufficient, once large current situation occur,it will produce serious heat, if the heat rising too fast, and the battery pack internal components quality is not good which resulting in short circuit between the batteries cell, it may cause fire or explosion of battery. A good quality hoverboard battery pack should be 5C battery pack with battery rate at least 5 .

Thirdly,the charger some hoverboard manufacturer used may just constant voltage charge. Constant voltage charger without overcharge protection always input a high current, such as 2A, once the hoverboard battery protection board lost or without overcharge protection function, constant voltage charger will directly burst battery , and may cause serious firing or explosion. Therefore, a good quality hoverboard charger must be constant current and constant voltage lithium battery charger which has overcharge protection. The most basic protection is when the battery is full,the charge output current will be very small, until the complete cut off. If the charger has overcharge protection, the battery also has a protective circuit board,so that the hoverboard has double protection, and will not explode while charging.

So we know that hoverboard firing or explosion, mainly because of hoverboard battery pack and charger quality. As consumers, the most direct and safe way is to buy hoverboard from well known brand names. the formal channels. Also,there are a lot of hoverboards in the market with almost exactly the same appearance, you can’t identify the hoverboard quality by its outer appearance,we may identify from hoverboard charger.

Generally speaking, bad quality hoverboard charger usually without any manufacturer information,with only CE or other certification label and some parameters, the outer appearance is rough.Most time,we are sure that the hoverboard quality is not good too.

bad quality hoverboard charger

Bad quality hoverboard charger without manufacturer name

Good quality hoverboard charger with obvious charger manufacturer logo, name, variety of certification labels, certain designed appearance.In additional, a good charger can also prolong hoverboard battery life.

good quality charger for hoverboard

Good quality hoverboard charger with manufacturer details

In Gmax, we supply UL,GS,BS,SAA,CB,CE,CCC,FCC,ROHS approved charger for hoverobard,all the chargers were 100% passed long time aging test, to maximum control the quality,to provide a better hoverboard for customers.


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