03 Feb 2017

How to select good quality motor for hoverboard ?

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Motor is the heart of hoverboard, with the same 36V 4.4A lithium ion battery pack for hoverboard, good quality, high efficiency motor can run 3-5 km more faster, so we need to choose hoverboard with good quality motor when purchasing.Then how can we tell the pros and cons of hoverboard motor or not?

As the motor is sealed, if you want to tell exactly a hoverboard motor is good or bad, you need to use some external tools, such as multi meter. In addition to using professional tools, you can also judge from the appearance,materials and general performance of hoverboard motor.Below are some methods:

1.Listen:During the trial riding of hoverboard, consumer can test if the hoverboard is powerful or not.If the hoverboard with insufficient driving force, their is a possibility the the hoverboard motor is not good.

2.Look: look at the motor shell. Usually brand new motor is relatively bright, refurbished motor was gray and relatively dim. And you can also see the motor trademark, generally larger manufacturers will mark trademark on the motor,most motor supplied by us will have a “YM” mark on the motor.Finally, you can see whether the motor has relative certification ? Motor in accordance with industry standards will be more safer.

3.Touch: touch to feel the temperature of motor. When the motor stops, the consumer can feel the temperature of the motor by hand. The lower the temperature is, the better the heat radiation will be, will shows the better hoverboard motor.

4.Detection: detect resistance by multi meter: measure the resistance value between three phase A / B / C are equal or not. The greater the value difference is, the worse the motor performance is. And the bigger the motor power is, the smaller the resistance should be!

At present, there are three main types of motors used in hoverboards:

(1) High speed motor with brush, with high efficiency, strong overload climbing ability, big starting torque,output power after slow down through the reduction gear device, so it has noise while the motor working.

(2) Brush-less low speed motor. No reduction gear device, maintenance free, no noise. But the motor controller is complex, starting current is big, overload climbing ability is not so strong. In Gmax, we have adopt 30 magnetic steel in the hoverboard to ensure its good climbing ability.

(3) Low speed motor with brush, no reducer gear device, simple structure, low purchasing cost, start and uphill overload capacity is very poor, electricity consumption is big.

Right now most brand name hoverboard are using brush-less low speed motor,consumers and buyers better selecting brand name motor and hoverboard from big seller or manufacturer when purchasing.


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