30 Apr 2017

Mini pro segway balance scooter review

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After Xiaomi technology investing in Ninebot, Ninebot has purchased Segway Inc and launched Ninebot 9 balance scooter, and it is very popular in the market.After nearly two years later ninebot has brought the latest masterpiece – Mini pro segway scooter, which is an update version of Ninebot 9 balance scooter, today we have to look at this new mini pro segway balance scooter.

Mini pro segway balance scooter consists of two parts, body and foot lever, assembly is very convenient.Mini pro segway balance scooter outer structure
Buckle style design, perfect combination of foot lever and scooter body, simple and reliable.mini pro segway scooter adopt buckle design for joystick and scooter body connection
In order to adapt to different user height, the joystick support height adjustment.mini pro segway scooter support joystick height adjustment
Whole scooter has battery status and Bluetooth display in the front, user friendly view to ensure adequate power.battery status and Bluetooth display of mini pro segway balance scooter
Side look is quite good, calm and strong.mini pro segway scooter side view
After power on, the mini pro segway balance scooter will be automatically keep vertical, even under the impact of external forces it will still remain upright.mini pro segway balance scooter stands upright
The top of the foot lever adopt curve design, to ensure easy control the scooters by the legs.curve design for mini pro segway balance scooter lever
Foot pedal part, considerate mark the scooter direction to facilitate the first time using mini pro segway balance scooter users.ninebot mini pro segway scooter direction mark on the pad
Wheel details of mini pro segway balance scooter.mini pro segway balance scooter wheels
power display and button of mini pro segway balance scootermini pro segway scooter power button and battery status display
There are indicators on the left and right side of mini pro segway balance scooter,make it easy to ride even at night.mini pro segway scooter night vision led indicator lights
Mini pro segway balance scooter automatic identification of occlusion, the occlusion distance closer,the lights will be more brighter.mini pro segway scooter with automatic occlusion identification function
Mini pro segway scooter screws on the bottom, various parts have been combined stably.

mini pro segway balance scooter perfect parts combination by screw

Brief difference chart for Ninebot mini pro segway balance scooter and Ninebot 9 balance scooter

Item Mini pro segway balance scooer Ninebot 9 balance scooter
Maximum Speed 18km/h 16km/h
Driving mileage 30km 22km
Charging time 3.5hours 4hours
Max load 100kgs 85kgs
Joystick height adjustment and drawbar design only fixed short joystick

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