30 Apr 2017

Mini pro segway balance scooter tire repair tutorial

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I believe that many people are mini pro Segway balance scooter fans like me. Since purchasing a mini pro Segway scooter, my legs are in freedom. And I believe there are many people like me had the same experience, that the balance scooter had a puncture, resulting in tire air leakage. General we apply for after-sales, repair worker will increase the hole size, and then stuffed into a tape, it will be so ugly after make up. And if we go to roadside car repair shop, most car repair shop don’t know how to make up, or don’t want to repair, and some repair shop will fill in tire repair fluid, poor quality repair tire fluid may corrode the motor after a long while.

Today, i would like to share my own mini pro Segway balance scooter tire repair tutorial, not only will not corrode the motor, but also leave no traces, the most important is super simple, I believe even a lady can easily get started !

I have bought a tire repair gun online, there are various tire repair gun brand online, you are choose any, or even buy a tire repair gun from hardware shop.mini pro segway balance scooter tire repair gun
Watering on the tires, find the bubble place, bubbling place is the punctured hole.watering on balance scooter tire to find punctured hole
If the hole is too small, I suggest to increase the hole size with iron nail, my tire hole size is suitable,so i don’t need to increase. Of course, large hole size can make up too.mini pro segway scooter punctured hole
Simply aim the gun to the punctured hole, press twice of the tire repair gun,As shown in below picture, the white point, is already fixed, especially simple.mini pro segway scooter punctured hole has been fixed
Watering the tire again, not bubbling, that means no leakage and succeed.
And then have the tire inflated. I hit the 3.2 tire pressure, after sales said that tire pressure should be 3.5 to 4.0, but I feel tire pressure of 3.2 is already enough,so i only hit 3.2 tire pressure.inflating mini pro segway balance scooter
I hope my tutorial can help you guys saving time and money, and be more convenient.


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