01 Feb 2017

mini segway review by a 6 months riding experience user

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Six months has been pasted since i bought my mini segway scooter, i hade variety of flavors with it,i will share my experience step by step.

I got the mini segway two days later after i made payment,i briefly experience it for a while sinces i have to gone to work next day.From the brief experience, it is really easy to use, within half an hour i can turn around flexible in the narrow aisle.

Getting started difficulty: very low – 5 minutes you can master it.

I began the real beginning experience after came back at night that day, I also bought a protective gear, equipped to start off, first turned around for half an hour in the downstairs yard, a little self-confidence expansion as i didn’t fall down forward or afterward,only about to fall down when turning down (the stability for frontside and backward is really good, as long as you trust it, you won’t fall down;well,sudden power failure and other accidents of course can not be counted), i feel i have mastered acceleration , deceleration and turning of mini segway,so i began to drive out of the housing estate.

Steering ability: Excellent

Basically you can steering on the ceramic tiletile indoors, as long as the width of the ceramic wider than the mini segway scooter’s width .

Braking ability: can only slow down, can not stop immediately

During my six months’ usage, i never run into the situation of hit people. From full speed 18km/h to fully stop it last about 5 to 7 meters. General you can reach the full speed of 18km/h, since when the mini segway reaches the speed of 16km/h it will automatically slow down, the front side of the mini segway will automatically tilt so that you can not accelerate and can only speed down, later you need to accelerate again.

Anti shock performance: almost no

Roadway situation is more complicated than in the yard,too much bumps and holes, all feelings has been passed through my feet. Even a small stone or a slight unevenness was clearly fed back to your feet, and then pass up. Moreover,riding on the sidewalk with paved tile all the way,the whole process is simply britain you want to die. Encounter with slow down band you can only slowly approached.

Climbing ability: not so strong

After 2 times close contact with the earth,and with N times unremitting efforts, i have explored a lot of methods to pass through the slow down band.I marked 1,2,3 direction in below picture,so you guys can better understand.

how to pass through slow down band on mini segway scooter

I can pass through the slow down band easily from 1 or 3 direction. Pass through from the direction 2, i can not guarantee i will not fall. Pass through the slow down band from 1/3 direction, the driving speed can be a little faster.

Maximum climbing height of obstacle is around 3cm, and if the obstacle is square shape, it will be more dangerous, if it is an obstacle with little rounded corners ,it can be pass through same like the slow down band, for right angle i don’t recommend to pass through like the slow down band.
Skid resistance: no skid resistance in smooth tile with water(Do not ask me how i know, because once go to work and pass through the company hall on the first floor which has been just mopped, i almost fall after several meters skidding,i have heard some people fall down like this situation), however in other types of road it is not bad.


Getting started difficulty: very low – 5 minutes you can master it;
Steering ability: excellent;
Braking ability: can only slow down, can not stop immediately;
Anti shock performance: almost no;
Climbing ability: not so strong;
Skid resistance: almost no skid resistance in smooth tile with water,other types of road is not bad;

My daily use scene of the mini segway:

I rented a house 2.4 km far away from my company , got up at 8:30am every morning and spent 15 minutes for washing, put on the wrist pads,i can reached at my company in 12 minutes with the help of the mini segway scooter.

1. 0.5 km of pathway (because of the nearby construction, there are soil on the road, but balance scooter will not slip on this road);

2. 0.5 km of sidewalks (tiles inlaid, not smooth);

3. about 1 km of motor vehicle lanes, the road is very narrow, once a motor vehicle pass through I have to rely on the roadside, the sidewalk is extremely inhuman, the ladder is too high, you can’t get on easily. There is a part simply without sidewalk, you can only ride on the motor vehicle lane;

4. 2 traffic lights.

While “driving” the mini segway, i need to pay attention carfully to road and traffic conditions. Except these situation,the whole driving process is enjoyable and your hands are totally free,you can buy a breakfast; can hold your umbrella in rainy days; you can hold a courier package etc.

Aftersale service:

During the six months,tire deflated because of no gas, I do not know the tire is broken or natural discouraged, and i appointed the seller,they came away from so far and prepare to fix it,before fixing,they tested it and found the tire was not broken,so they refill the gas and left , and they only charge 7USD,it is very cheap and their service is really good,good experience.

Based on the above judgments I recommend in the following occasions,it is good to use mini segway for transporation:

1.Commuting within 5 km for work;

2.Wandering around the park ;

3.Near home – go out to buy food,vegitables,eating etc.


Better armed with a protective gear when riding;
Focus on to observe the traffic conditions;
Avoid a smooth surface with water


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