17 Apr 2017

What should you do if you have an old hoverboard ?

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Since 2015 year’s hoverboard fire and explosion events, hoverboard safety has been improved a lot.However, we have still seen several disaster caused by bad quality hoverboard. If you have bought a hoverboard, and you don’t know its quality good or not,what can you do ?

we recommended that hoverboard owner should monitor the charging process or buy an extra universal UL2272 approved (for US and Canada market ) or GS approved ( for European countries ) charger if the hoverboard they have was not bought from a reputation vendor.

1. Highly recommend you to see if your hoverboard charger comes from a professional manufacturer and bears a UL certification label or not .You should check if your UL certification label for hoverboard is counterfeited by visit official website of UL.

Any qualified charger has over-charging protection. Whenever a battery is fully charged, it’ll instantly stop the present input to avoid any fire or explosion potential. In case your charger has rough appearance with no label, you need to change it or purchase a qualified charger as quickly as possible.

2. See if the battery have a UL certification label. Otherwise, you need to change the battery or claim a UL certified product from the manufacturer.

3. Short circuiting usually will not happen if the hoverboard used in a place far away from water source and against fall and collision, etc.So user should use your hoverboard in a proper way.

However,if you hate these troubles and have enough budget, you can trash your current hoverboard away and buy another UL2272 hoverboard from a reputation hoverboard wholesaler or seller.


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